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Terms and Conditions

The following Term of Service governs your access to use services provided by Your use of any services is subjected to Terms of legal agreement between you and us. For you to use our website, mobile site, content, information and services, you must agree with these terms. If you don't agree or accept the usage of these terms, then do not use any service provided by us. Please read all the terms carefully and in case there is any misunderstanding or questions, please email to get more clarification. You agree to abide by all conditions and terms described and any other additional terms incorporated by reference.

For you to accept our terms, you must be of legal age (18+ years, or at least 13 years and accompanied by a guardian or adult who will be fully responsible for all your actions). You may not accept these terms if you are barred from accessing our services under United States Laws or any other country from which you access this site.

When using our services, you may be requested to provide your current contact, identification, location address and other information that may be required in order to serve you. You will be responsible for ensuring and maintaining accuracy of this information. All products are shown by item and price and when making purchase, customers agrees to the following terms


Car Glass Part ships brand new items and purchased products to customers. When purchasing from us, please fill out the correct details of your address location, any error can cause delays in receiving orders. In case your address and contact information changes, make sure you update us with the correct information. Once an order is made, it will be verified and then shipped to the customer address. The shipping process takes place within one day, unless there is a serious problem with payment or address verification. For international shipments, the customer should know all the laws of importation of his/her country and any licenses required to import products. Any delays caused by custom departments of the customer country are beyond our control and responsibility.

We make all efforts to ensure that all items and products arrive safely to customers. In case you receive an order that is damaged or has some missing parts, please contact us immediately so that we can replace all parts and ship the product to you.

Electronic Communications

When using our services, you may send us e-mail, text messages or any other form of communication from your computer. By doing so, you are communicating with the company electronically and you should consent us to communicate with you electronically. You agree that all communications including emails, text messages, notices, and disclosure that we provide to you electronically fully satisfy legal requirements.

Return and Exchange Policy

If a product or item must be returned, the customer should contact us within 14 days of purchase in order to get return authorization from us. We may replace and exchange parts of products that were not properly labeled or when details of the product don't match with what is inside the box.

Change to these terms

We may make updates and changes to these terms from time to time. In case there is a new agreement, your use or access to our service should be in accordance and acceptance of updated terms.

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