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Are all parts in brand new condition?

Yes, each part which is shipped by us is in brand new condition.

What is the exchange policy for any part?

If any product which is shipped is not correctly labeled, for instance the details on the box do not matches the product inside it only then we return the part and exchange it with the correct order.

What is the duration of return policy?

A complain should be filed within 14 days of product delivery.

How soon my order will be delivered?

We take 1 business day to process the order after receiving full payment.

Orders are delivered locally or internationally?

We deliver orders locally as well as internationally.

what are the shipping and handling charges other than the product price?

The handling and packaging fee is $15 due to the specially manufactured boxes for handling the fragile car parts safely. However the shipment charges may vary according to the location.

Who is responsible for damages during shipment of the product?

The shipment company is responsible for the damages caused during the shipment of the product. You should inform us after complaining about the damage, hence send us the report# for verification so we can replace the part and ship it again.

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